• 3 ultra sharp, durable, platinum and glide polymer coated blades with friction reduction system for a smooth, clean and comfortable shave. Triple coated to keep them sharper for your long-lasting comfort.
  • Optimized pivoting head system allows blades follow closely the contours of your face, providing accuracy and smoother and neater shave.
  • Skin Guard Strip – soft elastomer strip with protective fins precedes the blades and gently stretches the skin to create a smooth surface. Pulls the hair up and prepares it to be cut for a cleaner shave with a minimal force.
  • Lubrication Strip with Aloe Vera extract and Vitamin E – releases soothing lubricants while you shave, to facilitate a great, easy glide across the skin. To minimize skin irritation, protect from redness and leave a smooth finish and silky, touchable skin.
  • Open blade architecture with quick and easy rinse system – keeps the blades clean and maintains their sharpness, giving you a perfect shave every time and adding to the smoothness and ease of use.
  • Optimal blade spacing – for even closer, smoother and more precise shave with minimal number of strokes.


Three-blade shaving system – launched onto the market in 1998, it immediately won consumers’ hearts (as well as beards). Though since that moment the shaving industry has introduced a number of razors with four, five, six and even seven blades, for millions of men who seek the best shaving effect, without skin irritations and redness yet with all the comfort and simplicity of use, the three-blade technology remains the most optimal choice.


Affordable line of patent-based Algorithm3 blades gives you all you should expect from this ultimate 3-blade technology. Keeping up the legacy of 3 blade technology, Algorithm3 provides up the longevity that comes only with state-of-the-art exchangeable blades, while offering a close and comfortable shave every morning. Enjoy your algorithmically clean, neat, and fresh shave that will give you a great start to your day!


Perfect for wet shaving in the shower.  Packed in a safe, anti-dust and anti-bacterial blister. Animal-Test Free.

Fits all Mach3® system razors. MACH3® is registered trademark of The Gillette Company LLC



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